Action Learning

Learn by doing. Better yet, learn before, while, and after doing.

An Action Learning (AL) intervention balances problem resolution with organizational learning and personal development. You can build intellectual capital, organizational capabilities, and develop leaders and teams that are ready to face the next challenge and do it simultaneously.

An AL intervention will help you:

  • Evaluate the strategy of an underperforming unit.
  • Launch a new product.
  • Develop high potentials to build organizational strength.
  • Reverse trends such as falling market share due to customer dissatisfaction.



  • The team forms to resolve a specific problem.
  • The action learning-leader team meets periodically to consult, coach, brainstorm, and advise each other with respect to their individual problems.


  • The problem is addressed through individual work, sub-team work, and full-team meetings.
  • Each leader works with his/her home team to resolve the problem and not the AL-L team.