Park Li’s expertise and years of experience working with businesses in top-tier companies globally give us the ability to help you and your team answer the basic questions of corporate governance, strategy, and organizational change.

We do not write your solution for you; but we do provide the necessary tools, processes, leadership practices, and coaching that will enable you and your team to identify an agenda that is right for your business today and that can adjust to the evolving dynamics of tomorrow. And once you have articulated this agenda, we can work with your larger organization on the task of building momentum for the changes identified, measuring performance and execution.

Here’s what a recent client had to say about our consulting work:

“We have worked with Park Li for the last three years to design and execute a strategic growth agenda across our organization of 10,000 people. Two or three Park Li staff partnering with a group of our internal line managers has enabled us to cost effectively organize our strategy quickly, build understanding and ownership for it down through the organization and get traction on execution. We have great internal ownership for the outcome and the results speak for themselves.”

Rich Srednicki
Executive Vice President
Chase Cardmember Services

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