Corporate Governance

The global financial crisis creates an increasingly active regulatory environment and an unprecedented level of public scrutiny of business. Today’s organizations must ensure that their corporate governance practices and standards not only adhere to, but exceed, the expectations set by regulators and meet the public’s new expectations.

Park Li’s singular focus is to appropriately position a company with regulators and other critical stakeholders by providing an independent resource to analyze current standards and practices, give objective feedback and data, plan and implement changes as necessary, and track progress.

Our work is divided into three parts:

  1. Diagnostic Assessment
  2. A confidential review of existing Board and Executive governance practices including principles, policies and operational processes that define the way you manage and regulate the relationships between the company and its key stakeholders.

  3. Debrief and Plan
  4. A series of facilitated discussions with board members and executive management, as appropriate, to review the findings from the diagnostic assessment and provide a platform for decision making. These facilitated discussions build on the objective assessment of current practices and explore changes that will enhance organizational performance and accountability.

  5. Implement and Monitor
  6. The final stage of our governance work focuses on executing an implementation plan for changes and an appropriate monitoring mechanism to ensure that the desired outcomes continue to be achieved while allowing additional adjustments where needed.

Park Li’s expertise can enable you to make the best decisions on corporate governance in your marketplace, your competitive environment and your strategic focus.