Park Li has a rich history of building strategy, leadership and legacy. We were pioneers in the application and design of large-scale behavior and computer simulations. We continue to be at the forefront of effective organizational change, be it on the job or in the classroom.

Building on our track record of experiential training, our work today focuses on bringing a balanced approach to each engagement, whether it involves culture change, leadership development, or strategy development and execution.

Whatever the challenge, we help you meet it by bringing the training to your workplace, so you can immediately begin applying what you are learning.

Our training work ranges from:

  • Simulation-based Learning (Off-the-shelf and custom built)
  • Action Learning
  • Customized Training to fit your competency model (leadership development, sales training, etc.)
  • Business Model and Skills Training (finance for non-financial managers, building out the understanding of how you make money, etc.)

When you work with us, you will always get the service you need for your customized training at a great value.