This award-winning, self-driven, and highly interactive six-hour program provides you with a cross-cultural journey. Use it as a pre-training self-diagnostic tool, a stand-alone program, or a take-away for professionals going away on assignment. Or use it to enhance and reinforce 'curriculum.

View this short demonstration of the material contained in Bridging Cultures™.

We developed Bridging Cultures™ around the concept that you must understand others in order to interact well with them. Bridging Cultures™ helps users adapt to the traditions of their host country. It also provides tips that can help avoid hidden obstacles that could hinder professionals in both work-related and social settings.

Are you a global traveler? Bridging Cultures™ benefits:

  • Expatriates: Professionals on assignments of two or more years
  • Family members: The spouses and children of expatriates who have their own concerns about living abroad
  • Professionals: Those who frequently take short business trips
  • Virtual travelers: Those who do not necessarily travel but communicate regularly with people from other cultures via telephone, teleconferencing, or e-mail
  • Mentor/sponsors: The supportive Human Resources team behind every successful expatriate
  • Repatriates: Professionals returning home from long assignments
  • Foreign professionals: Those coming to the U.S. from another country

Immerse yourself in Bridging Cultures™. Learn:

  • How cultural differences impact doing business
  • How personal characteristics frequently influence behavior in cross-cultural situations
  • How to increase understanding and improve cross-cultural adaptation
  • How to explore personal values that vary across cultures

Explore cultures at your own pace:

  • Both CD ROM and workbook allow global managers to test their readiness.
  • The CD format allows you to go through the program on your own computer and at your own pace
  • Choose from a wide range of interactive exercises, case studies, diagnostics, and a four dimensional management model for comparing cultures of over 100 countries. 
  • Return to the program as often as you like to clarify issues, reinforce what you've learned, or to update your skills during various stages of your adaptation.
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